Buy a kitten from (N) Sirena`s ?

Our kittens are sold with:
- Pedigree from NRR (FIFe)
- NRR purchase contract
- Private contract for (N) Sirena`s cattery
- Health certificate
- Kitten kit with;
   * toys
   * Bed / blanket
   * "cozy cloth"
   * Folder with all their papers
   * Some of the food they are used to
   * Treats, wet foods, etc.
   * Div. info
- Lifelong suport on any questions

On delivery, they are:
- Dewormed
- Minimum 12 weeks
- Vaccinated (1st time 12 weeks, 2nd time 16 weeks)
- Id marked with microchip
- Well socialized
- Used with children and used to other cats, in some cases also used with dogs.
- Has got their first bath under safe circumstances
- Used with nail cut and rearing of fur
- All cats in our cattery are vaccinated and fed with quality food.

What we want from the buyer?
- Seriousness
- Good contact and opportunity to visit the cat in its new home
- Pictures etc. regularly so that we see how it goes. It is always nice for us as
- All cats that are not included in purebred breeding spayed within the agreed time. This is to avoid unwanted matings or the females go on the pill with the cancer risk it involves.
- We prefer that your kitten be collected in person here with us.

(N) Sirena`s Kittens 2006