SP SC S*Lönnebergas Dodge Custom Sierra

White w/ Ambereyes, TUA w 62
Birth: 17.11.2004


Sierra is our first breeding queen and the first TUA we bought.
It is her merit that we started breeding this wonderful breed.
Sierra has become the mother of 16 beautiful kittens before she was sterilized.
In addition, she has done well at shows and was the first TUA in FIFe titled Supreme Champion.
Now she also has the Supreme Premier title, and she enjoys life as a retired breeding queen.
As a senior, Sierra also got BIS several times ♥

SP IC (N) Sirena`s BellaMira

TUA d, Red
Birth: 10.12.2009

Beautiful BellaMira had one litter before being spayed, now she lives life's happy days as retired breeder.

She is mom's little Queen 

The summer of 2014 lovely BellaMira got here first BIS, and we are werry proud of this nice cat.

IP SC (N) Sirena`s 50 cent

TUA w 62, White ambereyed
Birth: 27.03.2011
50 Cent   was born   with red   kittencap   , which means that   he carries   gene   for giving   red   offspring.  

He is a   calm and confident   little   prince,   which has developed into a large and great king.

 50 Cent  has participated  in some  exhibitions and  has received excellent  assessments , in  addition, he   is   BIV  and  BIS  several times!
50 Cent  is a very  calm and  relaxed  male , he   is best friends  with the dog and accept  pretty much everything.
Now that   50 Cent   has   participated in   many shows   after   he   was   10   months   he has   been given the title  
*   Supreme   Champion   *  
It is the highest title one fertile cat can achieve.

After being the father of 13 beautiful kittens in our cattery, 50 Cent is now neutered, and we hope his show career as a neuter is as shiny as when he was fertile 

SP (N) Sirena`s Habib aka. Bibbi ♥

Blacksmoke w/ white, TUA ns 03
Birth: 26.04.2011

Beautiful Bibbi should in principle be sold and was announced almost a full year after he was ready for delivery.
However, mammas little boy would not move - Every time someone came to see him, he ran to hid or acted totally weird.
As we became more and more attached to him, so we decided that he should be tried at a exhibition.
If he took it nice and did not stress too much   he should be allowed to stay in the cattery as neuter and mamas showstar.
And Bibbi took it by storm, he behaved. Slept the drive to show, slept during the exhibition and charmed at the judges table. In addition to his first Certificate, he also got NOM both days, and he got what he wanted - he is staying ♥

(N) Sirena`s Cookie Monster "Junior"

Bluespotted and white, TUA a 09 24
Birth: 3rd October 2015


This little cookie monster was decided to stay in the cattery mainly because of his coloure. As he looks like one of our old housecats, so he is only caled Junior at home.
He is a sweet boy who fatherd one litter before he was neuterd.

(N) Sirena`s Double Trouble Bibbsson


Black and white, TUA n 03
Birth: 4 th August 2016




Sweet little Trouble is as his name tells nothing but Trouble 😲
He is a monkey, who eats everything he can get his theeth into, and thinks that all things in the hous can be played with.
He was the least typevise kitten in the litter, but he was black and white, and all perfect - so he got neuterd and got to stay. At least he brings a smile to our face every day ❤


PR EC S*Lindevoll`s Quemal


Born: 28.05.2002                     Died: 12.03.2013
Quemal was our first breeding male and ancestor of our cattery, he became almost 11 years old before he had to give up after a long illness.

* Rest in peace little friend *



CH (N) Sirena`s Melik

Born: 20.06.2008                   Died: 03.01.2010

Our little prince became seriously ill at Christmas in 2009.
He was diagnosed with pyelitis, and fought against the disease in approximately one week before he had to give up. The autopsy report showed that the infection had spread. He had pneumonia as well as pyelitis and the high toxin levels in the body caused multiorgan failure.
It was hard to see him draw breath for the last time, but we did what we could. Sometimes it's just not enough.
God had yet another plan for this little angel.

Before he died Melik fathered 7 great TUA children, several of these we will retain for further breeding to bring Melik lines further.

* You will always be with us *